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About Ai-Trader

The Crypto Market is a space with so many coins to buy, this can be a challenge for newbies and even "experienced hands". Why stress when there's rest in Ai-Trader.
Ai-Trader is a trading App that trades on your behalf, with low risk and great reward.
Ai-Trader is a system designed to save you time, mental stress of going through the details of different tokens. The bot checks the market for the best option and makes apt decisions to your advantage.


Ai-Trader Simple Steps



Initiate a trade.



Takes you out of the trade after reaching the margin you've set.!

Road Map

  • White Paper
  • Launch on PanCake Swap
  • Settingup Social Media Channels
  • Website
  • Shilling
  • Airdrops
  • Listing on Decentralized Exchange like Binance
  • CMC/CG Listing
  • Ai Trader App Launch
  • Lots More

The Team

Rodrigo Gonzalez

Trade Physiologist

Steph Mufasa

Crypto Analyst

Joan Cook

Finance Manager

Shaun Terry


Ralph Fredrick


Ashley Kendall


Alexander Kent

Software Engineer


AIT Token operates on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network, which offers rapid transactions with minimal fees when compared to Ethereum.  
Liquidity 20% per Transaction
Marketing/Dev 15%
Airdrop 8%
Distribution 43%
Team 7%
Burn 5%
Charity 2%

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